Sparkle Scatter Mix Crystal Rhinestones

Sparkle Scatter Mix Crystal Rhinestones

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Limited quantities are available.

Color:  Crystal Clear Rhinestones (clear stone with silver backing)

Includes: 8 oz jar

approx 1152 ss30 rhinestones

- approx 2880 ss20 rhinestones

- approx 2880 ss16 rhinestones

- approx 1440 ss12 rhinestones

- approx 1440 ss10 rhinestones

- 1 multi-pack 

You are receiving well over 10,000 stones in total. 

At this time, I’m only offering the stones I currently use on projects and in workshops as a pre-sale only.  We do not carry any other rhinestones at this time.  

*Slight color variations will happen with rhinestones due to the manufacturing process.  Slight color variations may happen and are unavoidable.  

**Rhinestones would pose a choking hazard, please keep them out of reach of young children.  All children should be supervised when working with rhinestones.