4 oz. Sparkle Scatter Mix Crystal Rhinestones

4 oz. Sparkle Scatter Mix Crystal Rhinestones

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Limited quantities are available.

Color:  Crystal Clear Rhinestones (clear stone with silver backing)

Includes: 4 oz jar

approx 576 ss30 rhinestones

- approx 1440 ss20 rhinestones

- approx 1440 ss16 rhinestones

- approx 700 ss12 rhinestones

- approx 700 ss10 rhinestones

*Slight color variations will happen with rhinestones due to the manufacturing process.  Slight color variations may happen and are unavoidable.  

**Rhinestones would pose a choking hazard, please keep them out of reach of young children.  All children should be supervised when working with rhinestones.

Please contact us if you have any questions before purchasing this tumbler, as there are NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS on this product.  

This is Tisa has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.