Felt Ball Garland Workshop - Friday, Nov 13th, 7 PM central time


Let’s craft!  I’m so excited about this class.  Our first virtual class.  November we will create a holiday felt ball garland.  With all the materials we provide you can decide if you want your garland to be 6 or 8 feet.  We will spend an hour crafting together and you will be able to meet new friends, have fun with old friends and ask questions directly.  I will touch on the colors we selected and how you can easily select your own colors if you would like to try this on your own. It a time to relax, chat, make, and have a great time.  

You will receive everything thing you will need to complete the project, including

 - 50 Colorful Felt Balls, color combo of your choice

 - Needle perfect for using with felt balls

 - Twine

 - List of suppliers for all materials

 - Written instructions

 - Zoom link, will be emailed a day in advance

 - Storage Box

 - Shipping, USPS tracking included.

Purchase your ticket today.  We will host two classes, one Friday evening and one Saturday.  The spots will fill up quickly.  Ticket sales will end on October 15th to give time for ordering and shipping supplies. 


Guys, grab a drink of your choice and a snack and join me!  I can’t wait to see you!  

Friday November Virtual Workshop (Friday, Nov 13th 7PM)

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