Welcome Cricut Craft Fest Attendees!

Welcome!  Thank you so much for watching the Cricut Craft Fest Holiday video!  I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I loved creating the project.  Grab our FREE Bling Quick Start Guide download today.

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I wanted to quickly review the supplies, including a supply list, and offer a FREE Bling Quick Start Guide.  Please follow us on Instagram for the upcoming workshops and crafting ideas.  

I am using glass rhinestones in the video and linking them below, however, you can also use resin rhinestones.  

15oz Straight Stainless Steal Tumbler
Red spray paint (optional)
Glass rhinestones
 - Light Siam (ss20 and multi-pack) 
 - Crystal (multi-pack) 
 - Malachite Green (multi-pack) 
 - Tumbler stand (optional) 
 - Beacon GemTac Adhesive 
 - Precision tip bottle 
Glue bottle holder
Wax pencil 
Sandpaper or nail file
Alcohol or alcohol pads